Top 8 Bodybuilding Foods For Breakfast

Keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And when it comes to building muscle, it should not be skipped. And it's no secret that a balanced breakfast can help you consume low amount of fat throughout the day. It also improves your concentration. Generally, an average man who is building muscles needs approx 160 grams of protein and 580 grams of carbohydrates everyday.
Here are some of the best bodybuilding foods for breakfast:
Eggs: Eggs are known as perfect protein. These are a healthy breakfast for men who want to build muscles. The major benefit of eggs is their protein value. Eggs help to boost lean muscle and strength gains. You can eat boiled or fried eggs. For bulking, you can take it with cheese, toast and veggies i.e. mushrooms, peppers and asparagus.

Eggs Monster Gear

Protein Shake: In case, you don't have time to sit on the dining table and eat breakfast, a super shake is enough. You can take bananas, nuts, seeds and fruits to feel full and healthy. After heavy workout, protein shake will help you consume enough protein and will not make you feel weak.

Oranges and Other Fruits: Yes, fruits are considered as an excellent breakfast meal. Oranges and other fruits can help you boost muscle growth, strength and endurance after workout.

Oranges and Other Fruits

Organic Milk: Organic milk consists of whey and casein and has enough amount of amino acid glutamine. Such type of mild has 70% more omega3 fatty acids than that of conventional milk. Soya milk and almond milk are highly preferred.
Chicken Breast: It consists of more than 30% protein. It's no secret why it is a favorite food of bodybuilders and to those who are looking to have lean muscles. Chicken breast is a high-protein food as compared to other kinds of meats. It is a good source of minerals i.e. magnesium, iron and vitamins.
Swiss Cheese: It is also known as protein powerhouse. It is a good source of protein and calcium. Cheese also improves the taste of many kinds of foods. You can take it in breakfast with organic milk or fruit juice to feel energetic and healthy.

Swiss Cheese

Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt helps you feel food and makes for a better choice for people who are looking to build muscle mass. Greek yogurt has thick consistency and is also known as strained yogurt. This food is a good source of probiotic bacteria. Keep in mind that Green yogurt should not be taken with sugar to avail its healthy benefits.
Breakfast Cereal: Breakfast cereals are considered as good offseason bodybuilding foods. These are a good source of energy. You can eat it anytime. For better results, you can add enough milk to make it rich in protein.

Breakfast Cereal

Well, for bodybuilders and men who are working to have lean muscle, breakfast is more important than ever. A typical bodybuilding breakfast consists of a high source of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Don’t forget to consider the above foods for a healthy breakfast after workout.

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